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We are the fastest growing Himalayan Salt manufacturer & exporter and the most trusted source for authentic salt products to the wholesalers, importers and retail markets throughout the world. we stands on core values; authenticity –premium and customer centricity. We established the success through persistent dedication to provide the superior value to customers, products, employees, and for our industry. We can offer you customized products and services in the light of your specific need and requirement, cater your bulk order of any size and quantity. Our purpose built four manufacturing units produce wide rang of products ranging from Edible Salt to Home Decor to Health & Wellness to Kitchenware to Seasoning to Construction products.


We are largest manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan Salt products, we produce authentic, premium and handcrafted rock salt product
All-natural Himalayan salt innovative and broad Leader in exclusive Himalayan Salt products
All-natural Himalayan salt innovative and salt naturally with modern technology
We strictly follow quality standards. All of our methods, are completely compatible with the FDA, CE, ISO, HACCP, PCSIR while managing to meet – or surpass – strict regulated safety standards


Our customers include leading brands, importers, Wholesalers, Large retailers
We currently serve a wide range of industries related to Home Décor, Health and wellness, Kitchen utilities, animal health. Construction businesses industries including (but not limited to)
Our salt experts assist with your salt project or questions. We can offer you highly competitive price and dedicated services in Himalayan Salt products.



At RM Salt we strive to provide excellent Himalayan Salt Products for worldwide customers. We pledge to meet and exceed customer satisfaction adherence to the highest standards and regulatory requirements. We committed to quality and continuous improvement in system` performances. Our all natural Himalayan rock salt products are quality tested & certified y the international quality assurance agencies.

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Our Brand Himalayan Secret is initiated by RMSALT Pakistan – As a Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Himalayan Salt Products.
Himalayan Secret strives to offer Authentic and Premium Himalayan Salt Products , Our brand caters your Himalayan Salt Needs ranging from Edible Salt to Decor to Bath Salt Line etc

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Lets learn about us and understands how RMSALT Pakistan has transformed into Himalayan Salt Experts & Become a Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Himalayan Pink Salt Products.


your body!

There is nothing like a luxurious Himalayan Salt bath to wash away your cares and all of the stress
from the hustle and bustle of very day life.

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Himalayan Salt Block

The ancient way off cooking with Himalayan Salt block, has fantastic heat resistance, distributes heat more evenly, food will be infused with the 80 plus minerals, retains very little moisture, gives delicate salty flavor to your food

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