Welcome to RM Salt, where we take a slightly salt-centric view of the world. RM Salt is embellished as the symbol of quality and trust in the acreage of Himalayan Salt business. The Himalayan Salt in the company is extracted directly from the Khewra Salt Mine which is then manufactured into a distended range of products and exported to different countries globally.

Our factory have capacity to execute bulk orders in any size, shape or weight with required timetable. We are ready to welcome your any requirement of Himalayan salt product in any Quantity.

RMSalt is the subsidiary of the RM Traders which has originated the business since 2002 with the warehouse and packaging units. It is also a registered member of TDAP (Trade Development Authority of Pakistan), FBR (Federal Board of Revenue), and KCCI (Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry). We have current operations in two factories in Karachi for manufacturing products from the Himalayan Rock Salt. Our factories are well furnished with the latest automation tools and machines which are chaperoned with expert Craftsmen who are responsible for producing exalted and grandiose Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps.

RMSalt factory is capacitated and well-equipped to execute voluminous orders which can be comprised of any shape, size, or weight within the required deadline. We will be gratified to receive your orders with any requirement of Himalayan Salt Product.

The teams and management staff of RM Salt are entitled to adhere to the standard quality of control with vital austerity with the trivial probabilities of compromises in the quality of products. It is the prior responsibility of the company to deliver quality products to the customers which can outstrip their expectations.

RMSalt is well focused towards enhancing the quality of the products facilitated to the customers throughout the manufacturing process by bringing the element of effective supply chain and raw material for the manufacturing of the products. In this essence, our team of expert craftsmen takes the responsibility for selecting the Rock Salt which is of the best quality, graded in different sizes and colours which are hence contrived according to the expectations of our valued customers.

The team of experts in the company have devoted the resources and time in order to ensure that the quality of products not only meets the expectations of the customers but also adheres to the compliance of the International Standards. In this regard, we are vouched with the CE certificates that speak for the facilitation of our quality products to the clientele. Presently, we are serving our global customers by the Just-in-Time method which includes the customer base from Canada, USA, and the European Union Countries on the market competitive prices.

We have also contracted with the large-scale importers, Wholesale and Supermarket Stores to frequently supply them with our quality products conferring to their requirements.

We specialize in vast range of Himalayan Rock Salt Products categories some of them are listed below:

  • Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamps
  • Shaped Salt lamps
  • Animal Shape Salt Lamps
  • USB Salt Lamps
  • Himalayan Candle Holders
  • Crafted Candle Holders
  • Wrought Iron Salt Lamps
  • Salt Tiles
  • Edible Salt
  • Animal Lick Salt
  • Bath Salt




RMSalt  Has accomplished & reached levels of success & growth because of its exuberantemployee participation…Rizwan Memon – Chairmain/CEO
RMSalt is committed towards pursuing the highest quality standards and making a difference in the lives of our customers – Waqas Panjwani – Managing Director