Himalayan salt is one of nature’s most purest and effective gifts. It’s obvious from the name that the point of origin of this miracle salt is in areas around Himalayan mountain ranges in Asian continent but there are also some deposits in the European region. When we talk about Asian salt deposits, Khewra Salt mines located in the country of Pakistan is the most famous in this regards.

Khewra Salt Mine

It is mined in the Khewra Salt Mine, located in Khewra, Jhelum District, Punjab Pakistan. The foothills of the Salt Range are located 300 km from the Himalayas, 298 km from Amritsar, India and 260 km from Lahore. The Khewra mine is one of the most popular salt mines that harvest pure Himalayan rock salt and is the second largest salt mine in the entire world. It has been used for centuries as the source of the precious Himalayan salt, which is well renowned as special gift for human health and well-being. The rock salt at this mine is treasured for its 99% purity and is white and veined or hued with deep orange, pink and red colors. This mine has always been the point of attraction for tourists round the globe and many thousands flock to the site each year to see the beautiful walls of the precious salts and to marvel at the many health-boosting handicrafts that are produced from the region. The other popular attraction for tourists at the Khewra Tourist Resort is the “Assembly Hall” which is a large chamber with incredibly high walls on all sides, lined with the smooth, veined salt rocks that have produced so many treasures and granted numerous benefits. Resort was developed with government funding after the people of Pakistan recognized what a gift they could offer the world in these rich mines. Inside, one can find not only the salt walls themselves, which are beautifully marbled with rich natural veins, but also other attractions. For instance, there is a mosque constructed of bricks of the salt, all of which vary in color. A main tunnel that sits at the mouth of the mine was first opened in 1872 and has served miners until relatively recently, until it was turned into a tourist resort. In addition, at the Khewra Tourist Resort one can find mysterious, beautiful chambers with a brine water solution that is reflected by the soft glow of interior lighting. Salt bridges, high chambers, illuminated ponds and more create an exciting experience for travelers who come to admire the beauty of the salt mines. They are like no other place on earth and are worth a visit for anyone interested in learning more about the salt itself and the rich traditions that surround it. 

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