What is DP ?

To initiate your order, we require 30% Advance payment against purchase order (PO) and remaining 70% due payment will be wire-transfer once you get confirmation on the vessel sailing from the origin port (Karachi Port) hence the 100% payment should be made prior 14 working days landing the vessel at destination port. In case of late payment ETA (Estimated time arrival) demur rages will be borne by buyer/notify party.

It is to note that the bank is considered as a consignee party and a buyer is said to be notify party. Once the notify party (buyer/importer) is informed by the consignee about vessel sailing and making due payments, then the risk and reward of claiming the goods will be transferred to notify the party as per local regulations Below are relevant document you will receive after transferring due/remaining funds related to PO:

Commercial invoice

Packing list

Master Bill of Ladding

Certificate of origin

Certificate of Fumigation

FDA-USA Certificate



PCISR Product analysis report

Certificate of PMDC

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